A Theology of Grief: Where “Divine Mercy and Benevolence” Fail, “Suspension of Disbe lief” Does Not.

But, here, I am left with the emptiness of knowing that there may be no eternal life outside of ourselves… if there is no God looking out for us…if we only live to then die our raw and physical deaths, what IS the meaning of life on this earth?

Do we simply come here to live, eat, sleep, entertain ourselves, procreate, work and then die – only to be forgotten in a few short years or decades, no matter what we do and how we do it?

BUT, My wife, and her life, make it hard for me to accept this nihilistic conclusion. In fact, it is an active choice I make, daily, to reject this darkness.



What is the self if not that which pays attention? | Aeon Essays


I came to this view – that attention comes about due to the interaction between our interests and the resources shared by those interests as a whole – by thinking about flocking behaviour. That is, our interests, goals, desires and needs interact with one another much like birds interact in a flock