Article: How It Works: Inside The Machine That Separates Your Recyclables

How It Works: Inside The Machine That Separates Your Recyclables

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For Homebound Students, a Robot Proxy in the Classroom –

A small but quickly growing number of chronically ill students — at least 50 across the country — now attend school virtually with what are called “remote presence robots.” The technology is still expensive (a VGo costs $6,000, in addition to $1,200 a year for maintenance and other costs) and imperfect (when the robot loses its Internet connection, it goes lifeless and must be pushed).

ASCO: Jeopardy Champ ‘Watson’ Tackles Cancer

The IBM Watson system that won at Jeopardy has been transformed into a decision-support tool aimed at helping physicians make personalized diagnostic and treatment recommendations for cancer patients.

The computer interprets queries in natural language and uses statistical analysis, advanced analytics, and a powerful array of processors to search millions of pages in seconds and deliver evidence-based, statistically ranked responses, according to an MSKCC news release.