About Techichi Dogs | Chihuahua ancestor?


The Techichi Dog of America is the original landrace small native dog that has been widespread over the North and South America, from top to bottom, though its current epicenter is probably the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico from San Diego to El Paso, where they are still extremely common and popular little desert adapted dogs.

Though the Techichi Dog is regarded as the Mexican ancestor of the AKC Chihuahua, AKC Chihuahuas are an offshoot of the Techichi, not the reverse, for most Techichi were local village dogs, only a very few of whom were used by breeders of the modern Chihuahua. The only proof that there is some persistent Techichi blood in the AKC Chihuahua is how many of them do not have the more acceptable apple head, but instead, have the appealing deer head and sometimes even the deer type body in a minute form.

The Techichi also runs larger than the AKC Chihuahua, averaging in at 10 pounds. This is almost double the acceptable AKC Chihuahua size and 20 pound Techichis are not sought after, but not unknown.

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