Cultural Insights – Geert Hofstede

Want to dig deeper into culture? the hofstede centre and its partners offer a wide variety of courses. In addition, you can find links to recommended books and products about culture, our facebook page and info about the hofstede centre itself.

This website provides you withinsights in Hofstede’s research and the research of his colleagues into national and organisational culture. Besides the research outcomes, such as country scores on the dimensions of national culture, you will find an online survey to determine your personal score on Hofstede’s dimensions, mobile applications for the same purpose, video clips and much more!

This website uses copyrighted information from Professor Geert Hofstede’s books, for which the hofstede centre has been licensed by Professor Hofstede. The hofstede centre is operated by itim International.

Our popular country comparison tool can be found under the menu point Cultural Tools Country Comparison.


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