Trained dogs can sniff out prostate cancer

Trained dogs can sniff out prostate cancer – Harvard Prostate Knowledge – Harvard Health Publications

  • The only way to confirm the presence of prostate cancer is with a biopsy.
  • It’s possible that dogs could fit the bill although “more studies are needed to determine how they could be introduced into healthcare systems,” Taverna says.
  • The dogs undoubtedly earned their rewards: they correctly identified the urine samples with prostate cancer 99% of the time and those without cancer 97% of the time.
  • “If true, these accuracy figures are far better than any tests currently available short of a prostate biopsy in detecting the presence of prostate cancer,”
  • Evidence dating back more than two decades reveals dogs’ abilities to sniff out other malignancies, including melanoma, and cancers of the lung and breast. In the first reported case, published in The Lancet in 1989, a Border Collie/Doberman Pinscher mix relentlessly sniffed and nipped at a single mole on her owner’s leg (but not other moles). The one that attracted the dog’s attention turned out to be malignant.
  • “This study shows that canine smell capabilities have profound research and health delivery implications,”

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