Never Too Old (to learn art)

Francine Toder, Ph.D.: Never Too Old: The Subway Musician

It all started while I was researching the book that became The Vintage Years: Finding Your Inner Artist (Writer, Musician, Visual Artist) After Sixty. In it, I reported in-depth about the life that came before the late-blooming men and women’s discoveries of a particular musical instrument, visual art form or writing genre like short stories or haikus. =Now, I can’t help myself from peering into the story behind the art.

But when I see an over-60 artist, writer or musician, I wonder if he or she started late because, "If not now, then when?" After 60, some things become possible that were never before imaginable — when time becomes more available and questions about "what else is there" surface. This is the population with which I am totally enthralled. But I am also one of them.

You can start at any age. Taking up any art form later in life is the perfect way to keep your brain fully charged for the long haul. What’s more, midlife changes in the brain actually facilitate your writing, playing, or sculpting.


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