Aeon Magazine – World Views, Nature & Cosmos, Being Human, Living Together, Altered States

Aeon is an online magazine about nature, culture, ideas and experience. It launched in London in September 2012, championing bold thinking and incisive analysis in a spirit of generous open-mindedness. Every weekday it publishes a long-form essay, free to all.


World Views takes on contemporary culture clashes, ancient philosophical conundrums and the many ways in which our beliefs shape experience.


Nature & Cosmos looks through the eyes of cutting-edge scientists, explorers and other attentive observers to bring the universe’s myriad patterns into focus.


Being Human puts our own nature under the microscope, comparing insights from psychology, anatomy, evolutionary theory and simple introspection.


Living Together searches for fresh lessons and hopeful developments in the greatest and most complicated of human projects, co-existence.


Altered States explores ritual, play, recreation and imagination: whatever it takes to get beyond the everyday world.


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