There will always be sharks

Clever story, good lesson – translated from Spanish by Google Web Translate (with a little help from me)

Original in Spanish:

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish, but the waters close to Japan have not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats were made larger for going offshore.

The farther the fishermen went the longer the time it took to deliver the fish back. If the trip took several days, the fish was not fresh. To solve the problem, companies installed freezers on fishing vessels, do they could fish and put the fish in the freezers.

However, the Japanese could tell the difference between frozen and fresh fish, and did not like the frozen. Companies then installed fish tanks on boats. They could catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks and keep them alive until they reached the dock.

But after a while the fish stopped moving in the tank. They were bored and tired, but alive. Japanese consumers also noticed the difference in taste because when the fish stopped moving for days, they lost their fresh taste.

And how did they solve this problem?

To maintain the fresh taste of the fish, the fishing companies put the fish in the tanks in the boats, but now they also added a small shark! Sure, the shark eats a few fish, but the others come very, very alive. The fish are challenged! They have to swim to stay alive!

So, invite a shark to your tank, and discover how far you can really go.



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