The dual narratives that define health reform

Doctors are witnessing health care costs greatly outstripping inflation, especially since our new health care law was put in place.

  • People aren’t using their coverage because they fear the cost of their much higher deductibles.
  • Insurance companies have created their own convenient loophole to avoid the consequences of their own new law.
  • With the initial deployment of the law only eight short months away, the promised insurance “exchanges” have yet to be fully deployed nor explained to the public.
  • The small business health care program has been delayed.
  • People with pre-existing conditions stopped being covered in February 2013 because the government agency responsible for this portion of the law ran out of funds.
  • More concerning for those who are budget-minded, as of today, not a single member of the the law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, the 15-member panel that is supposed to recommend cuts to the Medicare program beginning 1 January 2014 to maintain its solvency, has been selected, much less approved.

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