No Tie Between Light Drinking During Pregnancy, Child’s Development: Study – US News and World Report

"Doctors have also known that an occasional drink during pregnancy is probably not a problem for your baby, especially if it is after the first trimester," he said. "This is based on the observation that the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in countries where light alcohol consumption with dinner is commonplace and is no different from the incidence of the same disorder in countries where any alcohol consumption during pregnancy is considered taboo."

Eddleman said the new study "begins to provide some objective information on this issue."

So, they deliberately lied to the public to scare them into drinking nothing at all. As in AA, they believe "most people" would I interpret anything less than an outright ban as license to drink as much as they pleased. I can understand their position, but once they’ve been proven wrong they loose all credibility and influence – at least with me. Thank goodness I have the Internet where I can find my own info!


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