The New York Review of Books: The Death of Aaron Swartz

The Death of Aaron Swartz

Marcin Wicha??

Since the sad death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, there has been a lot of discussion of the extent to which the criminal prosecution…

There is one other issue raised by the way in which Aaron died, and that is whether it is justifiable to take one???s own life when one is not terminally ill or in a state of unbearable physical suffering. We are not asked if we want to be brought into this world. If we simply do not like it, or are not properly equipped to endure it, or if we fear that we are a burden on others, is it wrong to say that we no longer want to live our life?

We may regret such a decision. We may wish that those who end their lives when they have many years ahead of them could have found the means to contribute to the world in a positive way, and in the process to find some satisfaction for themselves. If, however, they cannot achieve this, we should respect their decision, and not slander the memory of those who make this choice.


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