The Way The Most Successful People Turn Obstacles Into Assets Works Everywhere ??? ??? Readability

??? Begin by taking a small (smart) step forward. It may not be the right direction, but we???ll never know unless we try. That???s why I want to be part of this new experiment in treating diabetes.

?????Evaluate what you have learned from taking that step.??This is one of the things I like about the study so far. They are actively seeking feedback.

???????Build that learning into what you do next.??They are. I suggested that it would be helpful to chart the changes to my day-to-day blood sugar readings to see??if I could spot patterns and they did so.

???????Take another small step and see what you learn.?? In my case, changes to my exercise patterns have much less????impact on my sugar levels than how much I eat.?? What I eat seems to matter less than the amount.

?????Build that learning into what you do next.??This is where I am now. My next step is eat five small meals a day instead of three semi-big ones.


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