Quality of Life Pain Scale

Quality of Life Pain Scale

1 Can go to work/volunteer each day- some normal activities- Have a
social life ~ Take an active part in family life
2 Work/volunteer @ 6 hours/day- Have energy to do a simple social
activity one evening during the week
3 Work/volunteer for 1-3 hours a day~ Active at least 5 hours total a
day??? Can do simple activities on weekends
4 Able to work/volunteer some hours a week-Take part in some social
activities on weekend
5 Able to do simple chores around the house Minimal activities outside
the home 2 days a week
6 Struggle, but able to fulfill some daily home responsibilities- No
outside activity, not able to work/volunteer
7 Able to get dressed in the morning, minimal activities at home- Some
contact with friends via phone, email
8 Can get out of bed, but does not get dressed-Stay home, in the
house, all day-
9 In bed/chair most of the day-Have no real contact with the outside world
10 In bed all day- no shower, no interaction with others Feel
hopeless, helpless about life


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