Chronic Sacroiliac Joint Pain / Dysfunction – Discussion…

Finally, I cannot take credit for this as I found it from some other
intrepid poster many months ago, but this has been a lifesaver if your
hip is at all involved: Lie flat on your back (if possible). Raise
knee to chest. Rotate knee outward to(ward) floor. Slowly return leg
to flat, but do so near the floor — i.e. you’re externally rotating
your leg and then sort of sliding your leg back into a straight
position along the floor. (I hope that makes sense.) If I feel any
sort of catching or muscular “clench,” I repeat 3-4 times. This may
only work for me because my hip subluxes at the drop of a hat so SI
problems are often actually SI/hip issues, but this is so simple to
try that I had to pass it along.


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