Boundary-breaking neurologist treats patients other doctors give up on

“The people who are most afraid of mental illness are doctors,” Flaherty said. “It turned out my patients were fine with it. … One guy said, ‘Yeah, that manic depressive thing you have, my internist has that. … Every six months or so, they have to lock him up, because he runs down the middle of the street naked. But I stay with him because he’s a really good doctor when he’s not crazy.’”

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You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

“To sum all this up, don’t wash items that are labeled “pre-washed” and/or “ready to eat.” For everything else, give your produce a good rinse and, when possible, use your fingers to rub away dirt or other residues. Dry your produce with a clean towel or paper towels. Do that, and you can feel confident your fruits and vegetables are safe to eat.”